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What sets Moore Wellness apart from other doctors’ offices?

 Why is it that it feels GOOD when you walk into our office? 

I am very grateful for the compliments and comments our patients share with me.

Would you agree that currently healthcare is extremely specialized?  One doc for one symptoms or malady. This is largely due to playing the insurance game which is ultimately another form of socialized medicine. 

As a result of needing to get back to whole health and quality health care by providers, we see great numbers of what are referred to as “Boutique emergency centers/hospitals” etc.    

The answer to the initial questions is Moore Wellness has always been a Boutique Health Care and Wellness office!  By this I mean that each person coming to us for care receives treatment recommendations to meet their specific needs and goals.  We take into account the whole person both physically, nutritionally and even the emotional component to propel each person toward creating a new health reality.

Through chiropractic, applied kinesiology, nutrition, emotion code, massage therapy, and Beautiful Image, all of us a Moore Wellness are here to Create a Healthier You through our Boutique Wellness Care approach.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Just want you to know how much you are loved! Amber just loves you and feels 10 times better just coming to see you. I feel like a new woman. My nose has been running all day, but I feel so much better. You are a lifesaver and we love you."
    Darcy - Plano, TX