“A method of relaxing muscle spasm, improving circulation, and alleviating pain. Pressure is applied, using elbows, knuckles, or fingers, and held for several seconds to defuse “trigger points.”

We know athletes frequently get massaged to alleviate muscle pain, but did you know a therapeutic massage can also reduce the pain and swelling caused by strained muscles and sprained ligaments? Additionally, it helps to relieve tension-related headaches and headaches related to eye strain. Moreover, therapeutic massage can stimulate weak and inactive muscles, resulting in a faster, more complete recovery from an illness or injury in which inactivity causes muscle deterioration. Massage improves blood circulation and lymph fluid movement. It decreases blood pressure and strengthens the immune system. People who receive regular massages have greater joint flexibility and range of motion.

A therapist is available by appointment.  It is advised to discuss your condition and expectations for the massage with the therapist prior to each massage.  They will offer suggestions as to what they feel is the best approach and you decide together the most beneficial approach for you.

Types of Massage Offered

Swedish massage is the most popular Western massage that combines long strokes, kneading and friction techniques on muscles; increases circulation of the blood, lymph, and vital energy; relaxes muscles and calms the nervous system.

Deep tissue massage uses slow strokes and firm pressure to release chronic tension patterns in connective tissue.

Myofascial massage targets the fascia, the membrane surrounding muscles, rather than the muscle itself, to eliminate pain and restore range of motion. Fascia is responsible for body structure and protecting internal organs, and it plays an important role in the process of tissue repair.

Pregnancy massage is used to reduce stress, decrease swelling, relieve aches and pains, and reduce anxiety and depression. The body will be properly positioned and supported during the massage with pillows and padding to ensure the comfort and safety of both mother and baby.

Relaxation massage promotes relaxation and wellness. Through light to medium pressure, body fluids (such as lymph and blood) move throughout the body, nourishing cells, removing wastes from cells, relaxing muscles and diminishing any pain.

Specific injury massage focuses the entire treatment on specific problem areas to promote recovery. Combined techniques like Swedish, deep tissue, and trigger point work are often used. Hot or cold packs may be applied.

Sports massage is geared specifically to the person who is in training for a particular sport. The focus is on injury prevention, maximizing performance, and injury treatment. The massage is usually vigorous and employs cross-friction, compression, pressure points, and strokes for increasing circulation.